Target Clearance Finds

  • By Stephanie
  • May 3, 2013
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I got a chance to go to Target today by myself and man did I enjoy it.  I did not expect to find anything today and was just going to look around.  Here is an overview of everything I bought today on my trip.  I spent $35 on everything.


  • I found two Thomas & Friends DVD’s that were online returns.  One of the DVD’s was only $1.66 and the other DVD came with a Silver Percy train for only $2.56.  These were such good deals I could not pass them up.  A regular Percy train cost around $10.  So this was a steal of a deal.  The pink polka dot wallet was 70 % off at $3.88.  I really wanted the black and white polka dot wallet on clearance for $3.88, but it was still regularly priced.  I have really wanted a wallet like this that is almost like a tiny clutch.


  • I got S two new t-shirts with that awesome Target coupon $4/2 kids tops/bottoms.  I swear I already bought this Peanuts shirt, but cannot find it anywhere.  I decided to buy it again because it is now on clearance for $5.60.   If I do end up finding the shirt I will just return one of them.  The other shirt I got was just so I could use the coupon.  The bike shirt was $5 and will go great with a pair of plaid shorts I have for S.  When you think of it I only paid $1 for the shirt, and I would never pass up a good deal like that for S.


I found some great buys for the bathroom.  Our master bathroom is painted sage green because we have never painted it since we moved in 7 years ago.  The plan is to redo the bathroom so why waste the money painting it. B and I stick mainly to black, white, silver, and a touch of red for our go to.  The first item I found was a black and white zebra stripe rug.  I am not into zebra stripe, but this rug was really nice and it matched the color scheme we were planning, plus it was only $7.48.  I got a black and white cloth bath curtain for $5.98, and the other three curtains were $2.98 a piece and will be used for the inner curtain.   That is cheaper than buying a plain opaque curtain, so how could I not.  S had to be a part of these pictures so you can see his leg on the shower curtains and him jumping on the rug as I am trying to take a picture.



Over all I got a lot of great items today for not planning on finding anything.  Did you have any good clearance finds this week?

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