So What Wednesday

  • By Stephanie
  • November 20, 2013
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Life After I Dew

Today I am saying so what if….

  • I picked up our Christmas pictures yesterday and still don’t like them.  I wonder if I should get them redone?  I really want to, but won’t.  It’s like when S was a baby, that’s how we were the day we took them.  Even if S was crying, had a fat lip, or bruises on his forehead for his pics I still got them taken.
  • I bargain with S that he can watch Paw Patrols at noon if I can watch Family Feud at 12:30pm.  I love watching Family Feud.  I do the same at night he can watch one cartoon after Wheel of Fortune goes off. (Unless Jeopardy has kids on it then I have to watch it because I can actually answer quite a few of the questions.  Regular Jeopardy not so much.)
  • B has still not got out any Christmas decorations for us yet.  I think I am going to go digging and get some out today.
  • The Blacklist wasn’t on this week.  I double checked because there was no way I wanted to miss even one episode.  This is one show that I totally love and hope does not get cancelled.
  • I took the long way home yesterday after picking up our Christmas pictures so that S would fall asleep and take a nap because he woke up at 6am.  It was well worth it.  He woke up in such a good mood.
The results of S getting up at 6am.  Nap desperately needed!

The results of S getting up at 6am. Nap desperately needed!

  • I ordered some shirts from Kohl’ and got the same shirt in a boys 4 and a toddler 4T.  When I compared the shirts they were the exact same size.  So do I keep the one that was $2 cheaper or hope the size 4 does not shrink as much as the toddler shirt?

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