So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Life After I Dew for So What Wednesday.

Today I am saying so what if….

  • S’s diet for the past week has basically been: yogurt, ice cream, pudding, milk, water, Fig Newtons, fruity bars, and graham crackers.  They were the only thing that did not hurt his mouth when he was sick.  We also could not use straws or sippy cups, they hurt too much.
  • I spent a ton of money at Target in the last week.  I loved every minute of it!
  • Derby has a terrible haircut.  Her hair will grow back…..eventually.
  • I finished my series of books by Faye Kellerman, Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series, and have to find something new before I go to my brother’s cottage for a week.  It is always a necessity to have books to read on the beach.
  • I subscribe to magazines and never read them.  I am either on the computer doing my blog, looking for good deals, reading or playing with Sawyer.  There is just not enough time and when it comes to reading I would rather pick up my Nook and read a book versus articles in a magazine.  Why do I subscribe?  Because they are free.

What are you saying ‘So What?’ to this week?

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