Snail Mail Sunday

  • By Stephanie
  • December 2, 2015
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Here are all the free items I received in the mail this past month.  This year I am not going to seek every single freebie that is out there, instead I am going to try to get freebies that I or someone in my family would use or full size products.  For example, I would want trial/travel size items, but not the tiny sample they send on a cardboard.  Things have really slowed down as far as getting free stuff in the mail.  I used to get this much in a week and now the freebies are few and far between.



  • Babies R Us DiapersI got a sample of size 3 diapers. Best Diapers Ever!
  • Black & Mild Power Bank-This is awesome little power bank that it says can be used to charge most Android phones. B loves that the outside of this is real wood.
  • Copenhagen Water BottlePerfect water bottle for hiking.

I still can’t believe I would have considered this to be a normal week.  This is all I got last month.  I think I am in a serious drought.  I have gotten tired of reading the magazines, so right now I am just putting them in the recycling and letting the subscription run out.  I love the Babies R Us diaper so any freebies I can get I will use.  I think B is going to take the power bank for himself.  He was surprised and liked that the outside of it was real wood.  I am not a fan of these types of water bottles so this will go in my giveaway box to my local breadbasket donations.

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