Sick House Update

  • By Stephanie
  • February 4, 2017
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So normally I wouldn’t do a post like this but it has been a weird past 36 hours in our house.  I guess not quite 36 hours yet but we are on our way to it.  It started early Friday morning (2am) when S suddenly woke up and got sick.  I knew at that point it was going to be a long night for me.  He proceeded to get sick every hour or so until we got up officially for the day at 6:30am.  At that point, I made S go and stay in my bed to keep P and him separated.  I was hoping it keep P from getting the stomach flu and so far it has worked.

Unfortunately, this was not the end for S.  He proceeded to get sick about 2-3 times per hour until about 2pm.  It was quite a bit of running around for me.  At that point P had been asleep for about an hour and it seemed to slow down a little with S.  I noticed before P went to bed that she was getting more congested as the morning went on.  Great on top of S being sick now P was getting a cold.  When I laid her down for her nap at 1pm she was all stuffed up and had a full-on cold.  Her sleeping didn’t last long and she woke up at 2:30pm.  I managed to get her to fall back asleep on the couch with me and noticed when I got P that S had fallen asleep.  So we all took a much needed nap and S had a small break from getting sick.  S woke us all up at 4pm when he got sick again and proceeded to get sick about once an hour until about 8pm.  At that point things had slowed down.  I thought for sure he had to be done I mean how long was this going to last?

I got P ready for bed and put her down hoping she wasn’t going to get sick in the night.  I made sure to turn up her baby monitor so I could hear her.  I got ready for bed and then got S ready for bed.  Tonight was going to be different.  B was especially paranoid about getting sick so he decided to sleep on the couch in the computer room and stay away from the germs.  To keep S close to me he got to stay in my bed and sleep with me.  This meant I wasn’t going to get much sleep because every move or sound he made I was making sure he wasn’t going to get sick.  Thankfully, P never got sick and is still just down with a cold.  S got sick a few more times throughout the night and is currently still sleeping.  It is only 6:15am so he should be anyways.

So as of Saturday morning the entire living room is covered in sheets in the event P gets sick, S is still asleep in my bed and the last time he got sick was 4am, and P just has a cold.  B and I have not gotten sick yet and if we are lucky enough it will be contained to only S.  I was supposed to go to my brother’s last night with S and of course that was cancelled.  I was hoping to just go by myself this evening, but I think S has other plans for me and it is not going to happen.  I am also worried that P may get sick and I don’t want that to happen and me not be here for her.  It looks like we are going to be contained to the house for the weekend.

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