Saturday Sales

Saturday Sales is all about the great deals I found in-store or online.   I know this is only going to show you how much I actually do or don’t shop.  I do find a ton of great deals online and even in the store.  So if I don’t make any purchases you can see what I thought about purchasing in the past week.

I have not posted a Saturday Sales in quite a while.  I have done shopping but nothing that was a really good deal other than my 70% and 90% Target Christmas Clearance.  This week I went a bit crazy with the online shopping.  We switched S up to the next pant size (7) and found out that most of his pants are a really noisy track pant.  He doesn’t seem to mind but we only have about four pairs and I am not about doing laundry twice in one week!  I went through his clothes for the next few sizes and realized I don’t have any pants or shorts.  So when I came across some good deals I went ahead and bought pants for this size and the next.  I bought way too much but plan on having S try on the clothes to see what brand fits him best and what pants he likes the best.  I got clothes for P too!  Not that she really needs anymore but some things again will be returned and some were too cute to pass up!

I got all kinds of different kinds of pants for S.  I ended up getting 5 pairs of pants for S for the next size up, 2 shirts for S, 1 pair of cute puppy leggings for P, and 2 shirts for P.  There was an additional 30% off the clearance prices (these were the final prices) which for most made it 75% off the regular price.  I did get free shipping because I spent over $75.  It sucks because as S gets older his clothes keep getting more expensive.

Of course, the next day Gymboree still has the same clearance deal but is now offering free shipping.  I decided to go ahead and look to see if there was anything new that I had not seen or was not there the day before.  I found another pair of pants for S and a t-shirt.  P hit the mother load on this order.  She got 3 dresses.  I thought the red dress might work for Christmas next year so I ordered two sizes and will return one.  The puppy dress matches the puppy leggings I got yesterday.  P got a 4th tank and two more pairs of leggings.  I am curious to see what the pink pair will actually look like.

I hit the mother load for S when it comes to pants for S.  Oshkosh and Carter had an additional 30% off the clearance prices.  The clearance prices were pretty good before the 30% off.  I got S everything from Oshkosh.  S got pants in his current new size and for the next size in almost every color and style.  S got 3 pairs in his current size, and 4 pairs in his next size.  I also found 3 really cute tees for him.  I couldn’t find much for P and she only got an outfit and pair of leggings from Carter.

Kohl’s had really good deals going on again.  They had additional 30% off with code “cocoa30”, free shipping “free4jan”, and $10 off $30 baby purchase with “babysale10” when you use your Kohl’s charge.  This is the really good deal I used back in November.  P had enough and really didn’t need a ton of new stuff so I didn’t get her anything.  I found 3 Minecraft shirts for S.  I don’t love the purple shirt but for the price I couldn’t pass it up.  I got S a new pair of Crocs for the next size up.  He is going to need them before we know it.  B really wanted the Air Fryer XL.  We got one for his aunt for Christmas so we got ourselves the smaller one.  I was pennies away from getting the additional $10 Kohl’s cash so I got the picture frame to put me over $100 (by $.07).

Children’s Place upped their clearance amount so I checked and found a few shirts for P that were under $3.  I also found a cute pair of jammies that she will not wear for quite a few years but that is how I do it.  I buy a little bit at a time and when she finally gets in that size I will have enough.

Seriously, it was a busy week of shopping online. If you add it all up I spent $409.17.  Man when you add it up that is a ton of money to spend in one week on clothes alone.  With that being said I will probably return about $150 worth of clothes once S tries on clothes and we see what fits and what he likes.

Did you find any great deals this past week shopping?

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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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