Saturday Sales

Saturday Sales

Saturday Sales is all about the great deals I found in-store or online.   I know this is only going to show you how much I actually do or don’t shop.  I do find a ton of great deals online and even in the store.  So if I don’t make any purchases you can see what I thought about purchasing in the past week.  Right now I am not going to include my Target Clearance Finds in this post.  Now that the clearance is gearing back up again at Target I am hopefully going to have some great finds.

I restrained myself and have not gone out shopping after Christmas yet.  I plan to, but not until the sales are better.

I was looking at my feed and saw that Macy’s was having a sale on certain styles of bras 2 for $20 online.  I checked and it just happened that the style I wanted was on sale.  If you spent over $25 it was free shipping.  I bought four bras and spent just over $42 with tax.  $10 a bra is cheaper than I got it for Black Friday.

Did you find any great deals this past week shopping?

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