Piper is 2!

I cannot believe that I had this little one two years ago.  Well she is not so little anymore.  She is now a bon-a-fide toddler entering her terrible twos!  There have been many changes in the past year and there are some things that are still the same.

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Newborn-10 Days Old

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1 Year Old


2 Years Old

In the past year P has learned to do the following:

  • She has mastered walking, running, and more.
  • She loves to wear shoes.  If I leave a pair of heels out she is wearing them making great attempts to walk in them.
  • She still loves her binky.
  • She loves to dance and will any chance she gets.
  • She still does not talk, but has mastered “Mom.”
  • She loves to jump on the trampoline as much as possible.
  • She recently learned to climb the slide on the playset.
  • She can eat with a spoon and fork like no one else.
  • She throws a ball better than her brother.
  • She loves to color and doesn’t eat the crayons.
  • She brushes her teeth on her own because she is Miss Independent.
  • She now takes showers instead of baths.
  • She loves to play with babies.  She is obsessed with Baby L (our neighbor’s daughter) and thinks she is hers.
  • She loves to play with pretend food.  She will sit forever playing with the food and dishes.
  • She loves our new kitty Dash and carries her around.

These are only a few things that she has done over the past year.  I could spend hours listing everything she has learned.  I can’t wait to see what the next year brings us!

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