Miliani Cosmetics Giveaway Winner-Me!

  • By Stephanie
  • September 5, 2013
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I got an email from Milani saying I won there On the Beauty Giveaway.  I have entered so many of there contests I had no idea which one it was and what I was going to win.  Well, I got them in the mail yesterday and was really excited to see that I had received two full size products.

Milani Liquid Eye Liner Pencil

Milani Liquid Eye Liner Pencil

Milani Liquid Eye-01 Black, 02 Brown ($6.99 each)-Extremely smooth eye pencil with the application and feel of a liquid liner. Delivers true color payoff in an all day wear, smudge-proof finish.  Automatic propel tip requires no sharpening.

I am not a fan of eyeliner.  I used to wear eyeliner all the time and then someone showed me how to use eye shadow as eyeliner and I have been hooked since.  I am sure that my sister or niece will love these.  I love when I win stuff, and this is my first time winning any Milani Cosmetics.  I can’t wait for my next chance to enter a Milani Cosmetics Giveaway.



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