Meal Prep Containers 7-pack by Prep Rx Review

  • By Stephanie
  • May 19, 2016
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Disclaimer:  I received this product for free or highly discounted in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine.


I have really been into trying to find good containers to pre-fill to have lunches ready for me the next day with leftovers versus having to get a bunch of containers out and forgetting something.  Although these containers were designed to help with portion controls it has really worked out great for leftovers.  I simply take the leftover food from dinner (tonight we had spaghetti) and divide it among a few of the containers for the next few days of lunch or dinner. With two smaller compartments I can easily put the sides in it to enjoy with the spaghetti.


When I was working these would have been perfect to grab and go in the mornings.  I would not have had to think about what I could take for lunch and would have had them pre-made with leftovers.  These dishes are dishwasher safe and can be used in the microwave to reheat your food.  The plastic is BPA free so you don’t have to worry about toxins getting into your food.  These containers also work out great if you are trying to control what and how much you eat.  Because the compartments are premeasured you know exactly how much food you are putting in so you can follow weight loss or gain plans.

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I was chosen to review the Meal Prep Containers 7-pack through  Basically how it works is you select items you would like to review and if they chose you, the product is purchased through  If you have a Prime Account with Amazon shipping is free and a coupon code is provided from the company making the product free or highly discounted.  In exchange they are looking for an honest review on their product.

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