Manic Monday

So for Manic Mondays, I am going to tell you what plans I have for the week.  Some weeks will be much busier than other weeks where I may not plan on doing anything.

  • Monday-Today there are not really any plans.  If S decides to clean up his toys when asked we may make our Easter cupcakes today.  I have been telling him this for the past 5 days and he has yet to pick up his toys when asked.
  • Tuesday-After B gets up from sleeping (after working 3rd shift) my sister and niece are coming over to watch S.  B and I are going out to dinner with my brother’s family and to see Aaron Lewis at Cleveland House of Blues!!!  So excited. We both liked him when he was in Stain’d and he is pretty good at country, but we love when he covers other singers songs. It is amazing!!  Even though S is now 3 years old this will be the first time I have been this far from him (2 hours away).  I know it is sad but true he has never spent a night away from me let alone I have never left him to even go out of town for the day or let B take him that far away from me.
  • Wednesday-Today will be take 4 ,of S, trying Preschool Storytime at the library.  1 out of the last 3 times he went into the classroom without me and let me sit outside the room.  The other two times I had to go in and sit with him.  If S cooperates we are going to go see the Easter Bunny at Bass Pro in the evening.  S wants to make sure he asked the Easter Bunny for new toys, because he brings toys and money, not candy.  S doesn’t ask for candy so I don’t give it to him. (He has only tried like 4 different candies-Candy corn, suckers (only when he gets his hair cut-he will tell you that if you offer him one), tootsie rolls, and caramel cremes. He may have sampled others but not much and never more than a nibble.)


  • Thursday-B is home all day so I am sure there will be some daddy bonding time, and I can catch up on my tv shows!!
  • Friday-Making what ever I decide to take to my mom’s for our Easter tomorrow. We are doing Easter a day early, but since the squirrels last year stole the plastic eggs with candy in them all the eggs will only have money this year (okay by me and S is in love with money).  If the weather cooperates and it is not raining or to cold we will go to the zoo to watch the animals have there Easter egg hunt.  We have gone 2 of the last 3 years with S and he loves it.   I do too, it is so much fun to watch the animals go after the eggs.  They have all kinds of eggs, hard boiled, paper mache, plastic and others.
  • Saturday-Easter at Mom’s.  We will go over at 11 am for brunch and an Easter egg hunt.  Sawyer is going to be out numbered by the ladies. B, my uncle, possibly my dad and my brother’s family will not be able to make it. Bummer….Sawyer loves his Uncle J and Aunt S, and cousins he will be sure to ask where his boy cousin, T, is, where my Uncle (his great) is at (he has been telling me how Uncle F is going to ride his tractor here and then ride it home when he is done, how he remembers he even has a tractor is beyond me) and of course where Papa (my dad) is?  He will be sure to tell everyone Daddy is at work.    If S is behaving, does not fall asleep on the 3 minute drive home, and it is early enough we may go to the Egg Drop. It is hosted by a local church who drops eggs out of a helicopter for an Easter Egg frenzy.  S loved it last year, and I have to admit it was pretty cool to see.

egg_blue egg_pink egg_red

  • Sunday-Easter. We may go to my Aunt’s, do the Egg Drop with my sister’s (if we don’t go Saturday), go hang out at my mom’s or do nothing.  That is after we investigate if the Easter Bunny came to our house, hid eggs, and filled baskets.


Seems pretty busy this week, guess we will see how much of this we actually end up doing.

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