Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week.  Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans.  This week looks like a very quiet week.  We really don’t have any plans.  Maybe we can get out all the Christmas decorations and work on that this week!  I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

Monday-We are getting our family Christmas pictures done this morning.  We had to reschedule them from last week because B was sick.  The rest of the day I think I will be making applesauce and freezing it.  Maybe I will start on the pumpkins and butternut squash.

Tuesday-No plans, just hanging out at home.

Wednesday-S has storytime in the morning and then we are just hanging out the rest of the day.

Thursday-S has zoo school with B in the afternoon (after B gets up), and I am going to run to Target.  This will probably be my last clearance run before Christmas.  Target clearance really slows down and I don’t really want to deal with Christmas crowds.

Friday-No plans, just hanging out at home, I am sure something will come up. B is talking about going to the Henry Ford museum.

Saturday-B is off, so who knows what we will do.  As of right now there are no plans.

Sunday-Again B is off, so as of right now there are no plans, but that always seems to change.

Last Week Recap

Monday we just recovered from Halloween and played at home.  Tuesday I ran to Target only to be bummed that the Halloween clearance had not gone down to 90%.  Wednesday S went to storytime and then we hit up 3 Targets and got a ton of Halloween clearance at 90%.  In the evening S went to play with his Grandma while B and I ran to Wal-Mart without him.  He didn’t want to go.  I had to pick up the toy I got for S’s cousin.  I couldn’t pass up the great deal on the toy.  Thursday S went to zoo school with S and learned about carnivores.  Friday we just hung out at home and played.  Saturday S and I went to his build at Lowe’s in the morning.  He got to make a NASCAR car.  He made a 48 Jimmie Johnson car (Lowe’s is his sponsor).  All day he kept saying look at this Jimmy John’s car.  Wrong thing but you get the idea.  S went to hang out with his grandparents while B and I ran to the store trying to find some props for our Christmas pictures.  S didn’t want to go and it was so much easier to run without S.  Sunday, S and I didn’t do a whole lot.  We basically hung out and lounged all day.  S is still fighting his cold and didn’t feel like playing.  I never changed out of my jammies all day.  It was pretty slow week.  The kind I like just being at home.

Last Week

Monday-There are no plans for today, just recovering from an extended Halloween holiday.  I plan on taking the pumpkins down today and hanging up the turkey decorations.  Our Carefree Crafts package came in the mail on Saturday and I cannot wait to start some of these Thanksgiving crafts to help decorate the house.

Tuesday-I am hoping that Target Halloween goes 90% today, but I am thinking it is going to happen tomorrow when I have a busy schedule.  If I don’t go to Target today I plan on just staying home and hanging out.

Wednesday-Today starts S’s next session of his preschool storytime at the library.  After that we our getting our family Christmas pictures done.  Let’s hope S cooperates and my hair does too.

Thursday-S is starting his next session at zoo school.  In this session, he is learning about animals that eat plants, another week is animals that eat meat, and the last week is animals that eat both.  I may make a trip to Target, it just depends how many times I have already gone this week.

Friday-Not much is going on this weekend so looks like today we will just be hanging out at home.

Saturday-S and I will be going to a Lowe’s build this morning.  He loves to go to Lowe’s to see his Lowe’s girlfriend who runs the builds.  After the build I think we will just be hanging out at home waiting for B to get home from work.

Sunday-Today I think S and I will have a pajama morning and hang out in our pajamas reading the Sunday paper.

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