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Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week.  Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans.  This week so far looks like it is going to be a very slow week.  I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

Monday-There is a 90% chance of rain, so I don’t see us going anywhere.  I bet we just hang out most of the day and play inside.  Maybe I will get working on all those apples I need to cook and freeze.

Tuesday-Again no big plans, so probably just hanging out around the house all day.

Wednesday-No storytime today, but today is registration for the next session, so I have to make sure to register right at 9am to get a spot for S.

Thursday-I am taking S to zoo school today since B is working during the day today.  We are going to learn about Bats & Rats.  Awesome can’t wait! (Notice the sarcasm.)  This is also S’s last session for this zoo school.  If he likes it and wants to do it again we will sign him up for the November classes.  If everything goes good at the zoo, we may stop at Target on the way home!

Friday-A few things could happen here.  I may get a last minute call from my hand surgeon and be told they can do my surgery today if that is the case then B will take S to do everything on Saturday and we will not be going to Cincinnati for a few weeks.  If not then we will probably hang out at home most of the day

Saturday-There is a Halloween function uptown that we are going to, and there is the annual get a pumpkin donate a can of food at a local funeral home.  It is pretty neat; they decorate a funeral home for Halloween.  No worries all the dead bodies are not out on display.

Sunday-We are thinking of going to Cincinnati for the night to check out this really cool train display center they have then either the zoo or aquarium on Monday.  S has been asking to go to a hotel so he can swim and this will be the perfect opportunity.

Last Week Recap

Monday we ran to Costco and got S some new flannel sheets for his bed along with holiday stamps because yup we get holiday pictures in just a few short weeks!  Tuesday we watched Baby A and then on Wednesday Baby A and I took S to his last storytime for this session and he had so much fun.  Thursday Baby A and I stayed home while B and S went to zoo school to learn about spiders and bugs.  Believe it or not I did not go to Target this week.  I just didn’t feel like it so I skipped it.  Friday we took the boat out to go and look at all the leaves changing for the season.  It was a bit too windy out so the boat ride did not last that long.  We went up river where S has never been before as something different and he really liked it up there.  It was much more scenic.


Saturday B took S to help a friend in the morning and I got to sleep in.  The rest of the day was pretty rainy so we hung out at home.  Sunday we hung out at home, went to my mom’s to hang out for a while and then B and S went over to his dad’s for a while.  Overall, a pretty slow week around here and a lot of just hanging out at home.

Last Week

Monday-B is off so we are going to run a few errands as a family and make a pit stop at Costco while we are out.

Tuesday-This is the last week of watching Baby A so this will be my last Tuesday to get up early to watch Baby A.  (No real reason as to why I am no longer watching Baby A, my neighbor just found someone else and that works for me.  I am sure I will still have him here and there when a sitter is sick.)

Wednesday-Baby A and I will take S to his last story time for this session.  Then we have two weeks off before we start up with the next storytime session.  The rest of the day we are just hanging out at home.

Thursday-B is getting up early after working last night and will take S to zoo school.  This week they are learning about spiders and bugs.  I hope S can overcome his fear of spiders.  The farmer’s market is done for the year so we will not be going to that.  Depending on how Baby A is we may make a run to Target at some point.

Friday-S and I will hang out in the morning while B sleeps and then later in the evening we are going to B’s cousin for a cousin get together.  If I get my shipment from House Party (I was selected to host another party), we will take all the games that I get and try to get them to play.

Saturday-There are some Halloween activities going on around the area so I think we will try and hit some of those.

Sunday-Either we will hang out around the house all day or find some Halloween activities to do.

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