Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week.  Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans.  I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

Monday-Nothing is going on during the day, but we plan on going to the County fair for the Demolition Derby.  B and I have always gone, and S has gone every year since he was born.  He loves it.  Even when he was 8 months old he liked watching it.

Tuesday-We are going to Shipshewana.  We have not been since S was a baby so I have no idea if he will like walking around.  For those who don’t know about Shipshewana, it is basically a big flea market, that sells new stuff really cheap, crafts, and some used stuff.

Wednesday-S is going to the library for Beat to the Book in the morning.  If I understood it correctly there will be assistance dogs there during the time.  S will love having dogs at the event.

Thursday-B has a team dinner so he is going out with his co-workers while S and I stay home.  He is going to eat a huge juicy steak and we will probably have something like chicken patties and fries.  Since he is going out to dinner, I am sure I get to go to Target without S in the morning.  We will also try to hit the farmer’s market before B goes out to eat.

Friday-Right now it looks like we will be home chilling all day.

Saturday-S has a build at Lowe’s making Dusty the plane from the movie Planes.  I will also start packing and getting stuff ready to go to my brother’s cottage this coming week.  S is so excited about going to his Uncle J’s and Aunt S’s.

Sunday-As of right now, nothing is planned and we will be hanging out at home.  That is a week away so who knows if our plans will change.

Last Week Recap

Monday we did nothing.  S and I stayed in our pj’s until around 5 pm.  We were both exhausted from the weekend and just laid around and played.  Tuesday we did not do anything either.  It really was another day of recovery.  Wednesday we just hung out at home, and when B came home I asked if I could go to Target and he was cool with that.  I did great at my Target and went to another but they had not marked down yet.  Thursday S and I hit up the Targets in our area, some twice.  We took Derby to get her haircut and I hate it.  Good thing hair grows back.  We finished the night off with a trip to the farmer’s market.  Friday we hung out around the house for the day and then I decided to go to Target and see if I could find more.  I did and was so glad that I went.  Friday night B and I had a date night and went to see Trace Adkins in concert.  I need to do a review on that, but it was a bust.  He only sang for an hour and fifteen minutes.  What!!!!!!  He should have sung for at least two hours if not a little longer.  No wonder these tickets were so cheap.  Saturday B and S went to a build at Home Depot, and then later in the day we went to F’s birthday party.  S had so much fun.  Sunday B went to help his aunt move while S and I stayed home and hung out.  S has been sick most of the week so all he wants to do is lay around.  We did get him to go out a few times to do stuff, but mainly he wants to stay home.  He doesn’t even want to play outside.  We did go to the Combine Derby and watch them tear each other up.  We really enjoyed it, and S loved it.

Monday-I think we will spend most of the day recovering from our camping trip.

Tuesday-Since we no longer have storytime at the library (it ended for the summer and they are taking the month of August off), we may try to hit the Playdate at the Disney store.  S only has to go one more time before he gets a keychain.

Wednesday-Looks like it will be a quiet day at home, so far anyways.

Thursday-Today should be the big clearance toy event!!!!! S and I will be up bright and early to go and check out all of the stores.  Derby is getting groomed today, he needs it so bad.  Later after B gets home we will head up to the farmer’s market where I know for sure we will be buying a bunch of peaches to freeze for smoothies.

Friday-B wants to take S to the county fair to check out all of the animals. I will probably stay home and work on my niece’s birthday cake for tomorrow.  She is having a camping theme birthday, so I have to create a camp scene on top of a cake.   Tonight B and I are going to see Trace Adkins in concert.

Saturday-I will do any finishing touches necessary for F’s birthday cake and then off to her birthday party we will go.

Sunday-There is a combine demolition derby tonight at the county fair we may go to, stay home all day and hang out or possibly take the boat out depending on the weather.

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