Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week. Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans. Since I now have two little ones to take care of I am going to post weekly goals for myself to try to hold myself accountable. I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

My Weekly Goals-My goal is pretty simple for this week…to get S ready for school on time each day.

Monday-We are doing a dry run for getting ready for school. I want to make sure S gets up and knows what he needs to do before he gets on the bus in the morning. He asked what a dry run is. I told him he had to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and then he can play on his tablet and it would just be a regular summer morning. The rest of the day we are hanging out at home. In the evening S has his meet the teacher. We are going to take his school supplies in, find his locker, and meet his teacher in his classroom.

Tuesday-S has his first day of school! I am so excited to watch him get on the bus in the morning. I am also excited to get to spend the time with P.

Wednesday-S has school. Other than that we have no plans.

Thursday-Same as the day before, school and hanging out at home.

Friday-More school and hanging out at home.

Saturday-There is a Lego build at Barnes and Noble. I am going to look into it and we may go do that and see how it goes.

Sunday-No plans just hanging out at home getting ready for a full week of school!

Last Week Recap

We had a busy beginning of the week and then it slowed down toward the end of the week. It was super-hot all week.

Monday we had swim in the morning. I got P home right after swim and down for an early nap because we needed to leave at about 4:30pm for the Demolition Derby at the county fair. Both of the kids loved the demolition derby and had a great time. I was worried P would lose interest in it, but she watched until the very end.


Tuesday we did swim again and then headed home to make sure P got her nap before we went to the Mud Hens baseball game at night. They wore their cute little outfits that matched and P got on the big screen two different times for dancing.


Wednesday we had swim. S got to meet a new girl that is going to be in his class and play with her. It was nice because she is going to have a friend on the first day of school. We stayed a while after swim class so they could play. P was fine with that and she ran around playing in the water. The rest of the day we hung out at home.

Thursday was our last day at the rec pool for the summer. I was going to let the kids play the entire time at toddler time. Unfortunately the YMCA day camp had a field trip to the pool and there were a ton of older kids. The extra amount of kids doesn’t bother me, but the ages do. They were probably 7-10. The splash factor and craziness was too much for P and she got out of the pool before S was even done with his class. We ended up going home right after swim class, which ended up being a good thing because it started down pouring about 10 minutes after we got home. B and I had dentist appointments in the afternoon. B did a quick stop at the farmer’s market after his appointment and got more peaches. More peaches meant another peach pie for him.

Friday we rans some errands returning a few things at stores and then buying a few items at JCPenney’s. After we went home, I put P down for her nap and ran to Kohl’s to see if they had any good stuff for the kids on clearance. I did get quite a bit. (I need to take pics and do a review on it.) The rest of the day we hung out at home.

Saturday we hung out at home in the morning while B slept. I took a small nap while P napped in the afternoon and then went to the Sarah McLachlan/Josh Grobin concert. It was hot and humid, with rain kept at bay during the concert. The music was amazing which made up for us sweating like crazy. My sister watched the kids because B had to work.

Josh Grobin and Sarah McLachlan doing a duet.

Josh Grobin and Sarah McLachlan doing a duet.

Sunday was a day of hanging out at home. We didn’t do anything but hang around the house. We played inside and then ended the evening playing outside. The kids tried to go to bed at a reasonable time because school starts Tuesday and we are doing a dry run Monday morning so S understands the routine.

Last Week

This Week-Another week of not getting this done for Monday. I am going to get this and all the rest of the daily postings caught up. It has been a busy week.

My Weekly Goals-I need to get everything ready for S because school starts next week.

Monday-We have our last week of swim in the morning. P needs to get an early nap and then we have are going to the demolition derby at the fair! S is beyond excited to go.

Tuesday-Swim in the morning, S has his registration at school where we have to turn in paperwork, and then we are going to a Mud Hens baseball game at night.

Wednesday-We have swim in the morning and then we are hanging out at home the rest of the day. It is going to be super-hot so we are spending the day indoors. I have a few load of laundry that need folded.

Thursday-This is our last day of swim for the summer. That means no more toddler time at the pool. It is going to be another hot one so we are hanging out at home. B and I have dentist appointments while P is taking her nap. The farmer market is in the evening but I doubt I will go. B may go if he wants anything.

Friday-No plans for today. We are hanging out at home! B heads back to work.

Saturday-B will sleep in the morning. I am going to a Josh Grobin/Sarah McLachlan concert with my sister at DTE. B is going to watch the kids and then my other sister is going to come over and watch them when he goes to work. I just hope P can make it. Two times in one week is too much for her and me! (Separation anxiety on both our parts. I can pretty much guarantee she will sleep with me half the night.)

Sunday-We are going to spend the day getting stuff ready for S to start school on Tuesday. I think I am more nervous than he is!

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