Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week.  Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans.  I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

  • Monday-I have a doctor appointment in the morning so I am taking full advantage of B watching S and am going to make another trip to a different Target to scout out the toy clearance for the big markdown at the end of the month.
  • Tuesday-S has storytime in the morning and then a craft project at Bass Pro Shop.
Popsicle Stick Fish

Popsicle Stick Fish

  • Wednesday-I plan on making a trip to Old Navy today.  Stuff and Save starts today and we can get 40% off of our purchase.  Sounds like a good reason to make a trip there.

  • Thursday-Today is Target day and the farmer’s market.  They are supposed to have the first batch of sweet corn.
  • Friday-This looks like the only day that there are no plans and as of now we will have a quiet day at home.
  • Saturday-S has a build at Lowe’s making the Toy Story pizza truck.

  • Sunday-Today we have a baby shower that S and I will be going to and then we will meet B and go to my nieces’ birthday party.  They are having their birthday party at the YMCA so S is going to be so excited to go swimming.

Last Week Recap

We were able to do many of the things we planned last week, not necessarily on the day we planned.  Monday we did not end up going to the Disney store, S took a nap and when he woke up F (S’s cousin) came over to play with him for a while.  Tuesday we went and picked 11 quarts of sour cherries.  S did a great job and picked 2 quarts all by himself.  Wednesday we went to the Disney Store for storytime, I worked on pitting the cherries, made a black raspberry pie, and then we went to the fireworks.  S loved them and had fun being the only kid and getting all of the attention.  Thursday I made a trip to Target, worked on pitting the rest of the cherries and cooking them to blend and freeze, and then went to the fireworks.  F was there and S got to play with her until the fireworks started.  Friday we went to see my Aunt and Uncle.  S had so much fun and did not want to come home.  When we got home we went swimming over at my mom’s and S got to swim with F.  Saturday was a very rainy day.  S went to do his build at Home Depot and built a Despicable Me 2 car.  I went to visit my grandma and B and S went to look at a Power Wheel F-150 to buy.  Low and behold I came home and they had bought the F-150.  Now S has one that looks just like B’s except they are different colors.  We finished out the night by going to get some frozen yogurt at Apricota.  Sunday B and S went to Anderson’s and Menard’s and left me at home to sleep in.  We all ran to Target and did a clearance run.  We found some good clearance in the dollar area because it was 70% off.

  • Monday-Disney store is starting their Disney Playtime which they hold daily from July 1-Sept 2.  I am not sure what it entails, but S loves anything Disney.  He even likes Cinderella to watch the mice. (So he says.)
  • Tuesday-So far it looks like just a quiet day at home, which we may need to get ready for the rest of the week.
  • Wednesday-We are going to see fireworks with Grandma, Papa, maybe F and Aunt D.  S will be so excited if F is there to watch the fireworks with him.
  • Thursday– Today is Target day, but there is no farmer’s market this week.  Again we are going to more fireworks.  This time it will only be B, S, and me.
  • Friday-As of now we are going to try and go see my Aunt and Uncle.  Sawyer loves to play with my Uncle (I think my Uncle has more fun than S does because he gets to act like a big kid.).
  • Saturday-There is a festival all day followed by surprise, more fireworks.  We may go and hang out with the neighbors all day.  S would love to play with the boys all day.
  • Sunday-B is off, so I am sure we will do something.

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Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be any great writer. So any mistakes that are made are my fault. Sometimes I mix up names B, S, and P, but I think you can figure out who I am talking about. If you find any grammatical errors just fix it in your mind so it sounds right.
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