Manic Monday

Manic Mondays are when I let you know what plans I have for the week. Some weeks I may be very busy where other weeks there may not be any plans. Since I now have two little ones to take care of I am going to post weekly goals for myself to try to hold myself accountable. I have also decided to do a quick recap of what we actually did versus what I thought we were going to do.

This Week

It is going to be a super quiet week for us.  B is working days and we don’t have any plans.

My Weekly Goals-I really need to get caught up on my party reviews and work on my other reviews.

Monday-P, S and I all have a really bad cold.  As long as S feels okay (fingers crossed) he will go to school.  P and I are just going to hang out at home and recuperate.

Tuesday-It looks like it may be a semi-warm day.  If it is a warm high 60s we will spend most of the day outside.

Wednesday-It is supposed to be 72° so I am hoping we can go out and play maybe a bike ride.

Thursday-I really want to go to Target.  If P cooperates with her naps we will got after S gets on the bus.  Our church is having their annual Trunk-or-Treat so we will go to that as soon as B gets home from work.

Friday-Another day of no plans.  B is on his week off so who knows what we will do.

Saturday-No plans whatsoever this weekend.  We could do another Trunk-or-Treat.  All depends on the kiddos

Sunday-Probably just hanging out at home.

Last Week Recap

Monday was such a nice day we played outside most of the day.  S went to school and when he got home from school I made him play outside.  It was too nice of a day to not stay outside.  I also knew this could be our last warm day of the year.


Tuesday we hung out at home.  It was definitely colder than Monday.

Wednesday was pretty nice outside.  After S got home from school Baby A came over and our neighbor bought the neighbor kids with her.  S was so excited and hugged them when he saw them come over.  They played for quite a while.  After they left we rushed to get ready for soccer.  We dropped P off at my sister’s for an hour.  She started crying the minute we walked in the house.  S and I went to his last soccer practice. He had fun and when we went back to my sister’s about 45 minutes later P was still crying.  The minute she saw me she stopped and never left my side again for the rest of the night.

Thursday we hung out at home during the day.  B went to the farmer’s market and the joke was on him because last week was the last farmer’s market of the year.  We didn’t even pay attention and are just so used to going to get fresh fruit and veggies.  After S came home Baby A came over to play and then a few other neighbor kids came over to play.  Sawyer made friends with one of the brothers because they sit together on the bus on the way home from school.  Turns out they live a street over and hopefully in the spring S and the boy will be old enough to ride over to each other’s house.

Friday I convinced B to run to Target with me after S got on the bus.  Believe it or not, we did not buy one item when we were there.  I checked out all the clearance and there wasn’t anything we really wanted or needed.  The rest of the day we stayed at home.

Saturday we went to S’s last soccer game.  Then we went home, changed and went to the local funeral home that decorates for Halloween.  For one afternoon you can go and donate a non-perishable item and in exchange you get a free pumpkin.  Of course there are treats and cookies to decorate along the way.  S went to a Lego build at Toys R Us.  Later we had my sister’s over and kids.  S got to play with the twins and could not have been happier.

WP_20151016_001 IMG_9214

Sunday we hung out at home.  P and I fell awful so we both slept most of the day.  B and S went the Blissfield Train Club to check out the train model displays.  We ended up finishing the day with a walk to try and clear our heads.

Last Week

Monday-I am planning on throwing my House Party, Tryazon, and Mom’s Meet parties tonight because I never had time to do them this past weekend.  I also have to make a pear pie because the pears are starting to go bad.  I rescheduled P and S’s Halloween/Fall pictures for afterschool.

Tuesday-I plan on cleaning up from the parties and working on my Monday and Tuesday posting.  I also need to make a fruit pizza because the raspberries B bought are starting to get too ripe.  Hopefully P will go with the flow and take her naps.

Wednesday-S has soccer in the evening and P is going to my sister’s again for round 2.  They really want to try to watch her. I also need to return a jacket to Children’s Place.  Maybe I can talk B into running with me.

Thursday-I plan on making a trip to Target today either in the morning with S or after I put him on the bus.  There is the farmer’s market in the afternoon/evening.  Either B will go with us or we will all go together before B leaves for work.

Friday-No plans for today but the twins are in town so maybe something with them.  If not we will just hang out at home.

Saturday-S has his last soccer game of the season.  B wants to take S to the Blissfield Train Club to check out their displays either today or tomorrow.  There is a Lego build at Toys R Us.

Sunday-If they didn’t go yesterday B will take S to the Blissfield Train Club.  I am hoping to try to do something with my sister because the twins are in town and I have not seen them since this summer.


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