Making a Cinnamon ‘n’ Sugar Pinwheel Sugar Cookie

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  • October 18, 2016
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While I love to bake and eat most of what I make it rarely happens that I love something so much that I cannot stop talking about it.  This new treat just happens to be one of those rare occasions.  I don’t have any great story to start this post, and really just wanted to share this new cookie that I made.  This wasn’t my own creation I saw a picture on the internet and did a little twist on it.  I made a cinnamon twist sugar cookie with vanilla frosting.

I have been using the Wilton Sugar Cookie Recipe.  I didn’t want to add any extra flour to the dough to roll it out so I rolled the dough between two sheets of parchment paper with my new Lasten Wooden Rolling Pin.  I made it as wide as the paper was and as long as the paper was.  I rolled it out about 5/8” thick.  I then mixed 1 cup of white granulated sugar with cinnamon.  Mix as much cinnamon in as you like.  I like my cinnamon and sugar heavy on the cinnamon.  #rollingpin


I melted 4-5 tbsp. of margarine (I don’t use butter.) and used a silicone brush to spread the melted margarine all over the cookie dough.  It really depends on how big your cookie dough sheet is to how much margarine you melt.


After I covered the dough with margarine I sprinkled cinnamon and sugar very heavy all over the cookie dough.  When it was fully covered I then began the task of rolling up the dough.  It is not as easy as cooked cake.  In fact, it was a mess.  I wanted a tight roll with the dough but it was not as easy as I had hoped.  I started rolling at the very edge just a tiny bit and then used the parchment paper to help me roll it.  I wanted the entire roll to be even and be rolled the same.  It didn’t roll as tight as I would have liked it and I actually rolled it out a few times to get it tighter.   The dough was really soft so I covered the parchment paper with plastic wrap and left it in the fridge overnight.


I was really hoping I could get a nice looking pinwheel cookie.  I cut off the rough edge and then started trying to get clean cuts.  It did not go very well and the dough started to crumble.  I picked the crumbled mess up and put it on the cookie sheet anyways.  I cooked them at 350° for 10 minutes.  It didn’t matter if they were crumbed or a nice looking pinwheel (I did manage to get a few) they all tasted amazing.  They were soft and chewy yet had crunchy parts because of the sugar.  It was the cookie version of a soft cinnamon roll.


I liked them plain and did not really need frosting on them.  But how much better could they be if I could put the frosting they put on cinnamon rolls or doughnuts on the cookies?  I love that frosting and could eat it all day, every day.  I searched the internet and the only recipe I could find was for milk and powdered sugar.  I knew that was not the frosting I was looking for.  Then I found a recipe that was heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar and a small amount of vanilla.

Vanilla Donut Frosting
2-4 Tbsp. Heavy Whipping Cream
1 c. powdered sugar
½ tsp. Vanilla extract
Combine heavy whipping cream and vanilla extract.  Then add powdered sugar.  For thick frosting use 2 Tbsp. of heavy cream, spreadable frosting use 3 Tbsp., and for dippable/drizzle frosting use 4 Tbsp. of heavy cream.  Whisk all three ingredients together until fully incorporated.  Yields: enough to frost 6 doughnuts.

B loved the cookies with the frosting.  He took some to work; I gave some to the neighbors, and send some home with my niece.  I knew if I kept them in the house I would eat them all.  I kept four.  I did end up eating three of them but saved one for S to take to school for a treat for lunch the next day.  I cannot wait to make these cookies again.  I am going to wait because I don’t think my waist can handle these again.

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