Girl’s Ballerina Necklace with “Princess” Crown Jewelry Box Review

  • By Stephanie
  • June 19, 2016
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Disclaimer:  I received this product for free or highly discounted in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine.


My niece loves to take ballet class.  When I saw this necklace and the cute box that it came in I knew she would love it.  It looked so delicate and girly.  When I got the necklace in the mail I loved the organza bag that it came in.  The pink crown jewelry box was a great way to showcase the necklace.  When I opened up the box I was surprised at how big the actual ballerina was.  It is too big I think to wear as a charm on a necklace of an 11 year old.  It was a cute ballerina and I think it would make a great key chain.  I’m not really sure if my niece will like it to wear as a necklace or a key chain.  I would prefer it as a key chain.  I will find out when I give it to her after her recital.

IMG_3610 IMG_3612 IMG_3613

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I was chosen to review the Girl’s Ballerina Necklace with “Princess” Crown Jewelry Box through  Basically how it works is you select items you would like to review and if they chose you, the product is purchased through  If you have a Prime Account with Amazon shipping is free and a coupon code is provided from the company making the product free or highly discounted.  In exchange they are looking for an honest review on their product.

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