Foto Friday


Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures of the last week.  This week has been gorgeous outside.  We have spent everyday outside playing.


  • S at the Blissfield Model Railroad Club watching the trains go around and around.  I should have known looking at his cheeks that he was getting sick.
  • S getting a breathing treatment at the ER.  What a big boy doing it all on his own without my help.
  • S playing in his baby pool (the big one will go up next week).  S rolling the ball down the slide.  He had so much fun rolling the ball down the slide again and again.


  • S and F both did not feel good, but given the opportunity to go play in the pool they both magically felt so much better.  Here they are having a ice cream cone water fight (water squirt toys).
  • S doing a jig because he was so excited to go swimming.
  • S loved swimming.  He swam for over an hour and half before we were able to bribe him to get out.  B and I were hungry.  Since S had already eaten he could have gone on swimming all night.

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