Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures of the last week.  This week has been gorgeous outside.  We have spent everyday outside playing.


  • At Amtrak train day S got to see a train engine like Papa drives.  Papa drives for Norfolk Southern so I thought this would be a great Father’s Day gift framed for him.  Since he doesn’t read this blog I can post this picture now.  How cute!!
  • S got his traffic light early.  He has been so good lately and I thought this would be a good reward (he was supposed to be good for 20 days, but after only 8 days of good behavior (over a few weeks) I let him have it.  He is so happy to have it, and wants to leave it on all the time.  So every time we go in the garage if the light is red we have to wait for it to turn green to get out of the garage.
  • On Monday, B and I took S and F to the local Preserve to look for bugs, worms, snakes, etc.  To my relief we did not find any snakes.  I would stand back at every check point with the dogs just in case they saw a snake so I didn’t have to see it.


  • Here is a picture of the baby birds that S and I saw this week.  We went back yesterday to see them again and they have grown so much in two days.  The nest that we saw with the bird eggs in it, now has three babies that were born Wednesday afternoon.
  • Out of all of the pine trees in the yard (about 20), S was able to find the two trees with the nests after only seeing the birds once.  He took B right to the trees.   I was amazed someone so small could remember the two exact trees.  He is good at playing Memory.
  • Every year we set up a pool with the inflatable ring at the top.  It is only about 2 ft. deep.  So we take it down in the fall and put it up at the beginning of summer.  In the middle, S gets a huge sandbox to play in and loves it.  He is one of those kids that doesn’t like to get dirty so wearing sandals in the sand was a first, but he never forgets his bucket to sit on.


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