Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.


  • S had so much fun going out on the boat last Friday.  He loves to be on the boat and jump all of the waves.  We went downtown to look at the Old Ship that was visiting for the weekend.  You can see it behind S on the right.  The sails are not up, but you can see the post.  He loved looking at the boat, but did not want to go out to the green lake with the “icky water.”
  • We got up bright and early on Saturday to go to the Roche de Boeuf parade.  S loves to watch parades.  About half way through the parade he was done collecting candy and just sat there and watched the rest of the parade.  He really could care less about candy. (I love it!)


  • S was plugging his ears just “in case” one of the fire trucks set off there sirens.  A few did, but not right in front of us.
  • I have talked about how bad the stink bugs have been this past week.  This is what my back door looked like one day 10 minutes after I had knocked them all of the screen.  I have to keep the back door closed until like four in the afternoon when the sun is no longer on the back deck.  If I leave the door open they always seem to creep in the house.


  • On Wednesday, we went to preschool storytime at the library.  You have to be at least 3 years old to be in this age group.  Right before class started a few of the kids were playing on the train table they have and S came running over to me.  I saw some kid hit him on the back with a train but it didn’t look that hard.  I could not figure out why he was crying so hard until a mom came over and said her son bit S.  This was the bit mark a few hours later, and he got bit through two shirts.  Do kids still bite when they are 3 or older?  S was never a biter, and none of my nieces or nephew were either so I have never really been exposed to this.  That was Wednesday and the mark has now turned into a bruise.  You could probably make an impression from this mark that is how bad it was.  I wasn’t mad at the mom or kid, I mean it happens.  S was afraid to go into the class because the boy was in there.  He promises to go next week, so we will see.
  • S has found new things to do with his little indoor trampoline.  We tilt it onto the couch when he is not jumping for more room, and he thinks it is fun to climb up there and sit to watch TV.


  • S asked if he could carry Baby A over to B.  I let him as long as he promised not to drop him.  He walked the three feet from me to B and carried Baby A all by himself.  No incidents occurred.
  • S was outside playing last night and I think it had been a long day for him, he was just sitting on the grass watching kids ride there bikes up and down the street.
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