Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.


  • S is having fun with the boys pushing him around in the Cozy Coupe.  They were pushing him as fast as they could and S could not have loved it more.
  • S was so sad when the boys had to go home.  He does some great poses when he is pouting and this is definitely one of them.


  • I cannot tell if Derby loves to ride in the truck with S or if she is scared and on the lookout to make sure they do not crash into any trees.
  • S is in the trenches with his Grandpa.  They were digging a footer for their new garage and S just loved climbing down in the hole.


  • S was busy watching them pour cement and had to be right there with them so he could have a front row.  When they asked him if he wanted to touch the cement he was not about getting his hands dirty.
  • Here’s a preview of what S was doing on our mini-vaca at the cottage.  I will be doing an entire recap of pictures when we get home.
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