Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is when I show pictures of things that have happened in the last week.


  • S and I went to the zoo on Good Friday for the animal Easter egg hunt.  S loves going to the zoo.  This is the first time he walked around for most of the zoo.  He did a great job staying with me and listening.
  • S got to dye eggs for the first time.  He was so excited to dye them, but had to make sure he put his apron on first.  He was so mesmerized by how the dye would color the egg shells.

rainbow cupcake 1rainbow cupcake 2rainbow cupcake 3

  • These three pictures show S and me making rainbow cupcakes for Easter.  The cupcakes were made from Funfetti cake mix divided into six different bowls and dyed different colors.  Half of the cupcakes were decorated with chick sprinkles and chick toothpick decorations and the other half of the cupcakes were decorated with bunny sprinkles and bunny toothpick decorations.  S was so proud of himself.

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