Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.

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  • I saw these nutcrackers in the Walgreen’s ad and really wanted them.  When B was out last Sunday running errands he stopped and snagged these for me.  They are beyond cute and I really do love them.
  • P was being silly and was playing with PJ on the floor.  I took video of them together because they were rolling around together.  It was so much fun to watch them interact with each other.

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  • This week for our Christmas craft we made a gingerbread train.  They both decorated a car and I decorated the engine.  I cannot believe how meticulous P was at putting her candies on.  S was old enough this year to decorate the whole train car on his own.  He did the piping and candies without me.  My little boy is growing up.


  • The cart on the left was done by S and the one in the middle was done by P.  Look how nice P put her candies on.  The light bulbs in the middle row she made sure were all sticking out.
  • We have a running prank joke with our friends, friends.  I saw a neighbors tree and thought they decorated the entire tree with red solo cups.  They didn’t, they were red bells.  I got the idea to hang red solo cups all over there trees as a joke.  To really make sure these cups hung in the trees B made a hook with an extension pole he has to get the cups up high.

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  • For S’s birthday we usually do Kalahari just the four of us.  Last year all the kids wanted to do was swim so we decided we were done with Kalahari and needed to do something else.  S loves the arcade games at Kalahari so we did Dave and Buster’s.  The food was okay, but we will definitely skip it next time.  It was nothing great and honestly I would rather eat at Red Robin’s and then go play games at Dave and Buster’s.  Both of the kids loved playing the games.  We played the games for just over an hour before we called it a night.
  • Afterward we did our annual Build-A-Bear.  We always let the kids pick what they want but try to steer them in certain directions.  S was bound and determined to get this bunny.   I have no idea why he wanted it but he did.

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  • Dash loves to sleep in the sinks.  I have no idea why our cats love the sinks.  Dash will just sit in sink and the water drips on her.  She is hilarious to watch because she can’t figure out where it is coming from and doesn’t move to stop it from getting her wet.
  • P loves staying in her jammies.  It is a daily struggle to get her dressed.  She loves wearing her “Whoo, Whoo” jammies.
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