Foto Friday

Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.  Friday before I put P down for bed I started working on cleaning the basement with her.  After she went to bed I continued working in the basement and didn’t get done until late.  Yesterday we worked on getting all the Christmas decorations put out in the house so I never checked my computer once.  I really didn’t take that many pictures this week.

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  • P was playing outside at Baby L’s party last weekend.  They had so much fun playing in the leaves.
  • Thursday S had a 2-hour delay because of fog.  So he didn’t get on the bus till 10:30am.  By that time it had warmed up considerably and P was out running around with no socks or shoes on.  She had to have a pretty in her hair and actually kept it in until nap time.

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  • This was our nightly dance party.  P and I will actually dance during the day but pretty much every night we play music from 7-8pm and dance.  S put P’s hairband on and it looked more like a sweatband.  P really loves to dance.  S and I will get up once in a while and dance with her but it is pretty much the P show.  She changes her dance style based on what type of music is playing.
  • Friday was so nice that P got to wear a short-sleeve shirt and leggings with sandals.  It was the last nice day we will probably have this year.  She got to take a ride in the trailer over at Grandpa Bob’s.  She liked the ride but not the loud noise from the engine.
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