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Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.  This week has been so long.  P has decided she is no longer going to sleep at night or for her naps.  She just screams for me or cries when going to bed, in the middle of the night when I try to put her back in her crib, and when falling asleep for her naps.  She eventually gives up or I fall asleep.  We have had a little monster the entire week who has been seriously sleep deprived (I am talking about P, not me.  Although I am sleep deprived, too).  I did manage to get a few pics throughout the week.


  • My twin and I went to a painting class that was free since it was the week of our birthday.  It is by far my best painting yet.  It makes me really want to do another one sooner rather than later.
  • I posted this picture on Instagram this week, but when you have a feral child that your neighbors call “Mowgli” this explains it all.  I told P it was time to get a bath.  I guess I wasn’t specific enough because she climbed in the green bucket and was ready for a bath.  It was freezing cold water, but she was all smiles.  #mowgli #feralchild #wildchild

wp_20160919_001 wp_20160919_003

  • P always runs out to hug S when he gets off the bus if she is awake.  She was really surprised when S had his friend get off the bus with him.  S loved having him get off the bus together and they had a blast playing together.
  • Dash decided she wanted to lie on the blanket Baby L was playing on after she went home.  Maybe Dash could smell milk spit-up or something?

wp_20160920_009 wp_20160921_001

  • While S was at catechism class on Tuesday P and I walked over to my dad’s.  She played on the tire swing.  I thought she would get tired of it and having to hold on after a few minutes but after 20 minutes I was trying to convince her that was long enough.
  • Since P woke up Tuesday night at 3:30am and never went back to sleep, she was tired for our weekly park playdate.  When I asked her if she was sleeping in the swing she answered with no but never opened her eyes.  I thought we would only last for about 20-30 minutes.  The joke was on me because an hour and a half after we got there I had to convince her to leave.

wp_20160922_001 wp_20160921_003

  • While the picture is not clear it again shows P being “Mowgli” and tired.  When I told her we had to go home from May’s she got mad and climbed up on there shed kit.  She stayed up there for quite a while.  I went in my backyard and sat while she pouted.  I kept talking to her and she would talk back to me.  Eventually she came home, but it was funny.
  • S wanted to help with Baby L.  We were over playing and he all of a sudden turned into Mr. Mom.  She was okay with him holding her as long as he didn’t mess with her.  P on the other hand was just a tad jealous.

*On another note. I thought I posted this and then realized I finished this post and never hit the publish button.  I really am tired!

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