Foto Friday

Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.  Ugh! How do I always get so far behind in doing my daily posts?  I will be better, I will better.  (I hope!)

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  • I let P play with the radio in the car and while she was doing it I managed to French braid her hair.  It was falling out, but it is a start.  Her hair is getting long.
  • P is my little helper when it comes to baking.  She loves to help make cookies, cakes, etc.  When I am rolling out dough she goes and grabs her little rolling pin.  When I was grabbing cookie sheets out of the oven she went and got her oven mitt and said, “Me, too. Me, too.”

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  • At Little Chef last week P got to paint with whip cream that was colored.  She loved it and was all about painting with the colors she wanted.  I thought she would sit there and lick her hands and paint brushes.  She never once tried to lick her fingers.  If she got any of the whip cream on her hands she wanted it immediately washed off.
  • P is such a cuddler.  She will cuddle with me any time she gets a chance.  We were swinging on the swing together and she just laid her head against my chest and wrapped her arms around me.

IMG_4654 IMG_4637

  • The little tiger is back in her cage!  Not really.  Dash climbed into the trailer and we were joking that the tiger finally got back in her cage and couldn’t run around anymore.
  • Dash climbed our 6 ft. fence and hid in the pine tree branches so she could watch the birds.  When I was swimming last week I saw her in the neighbor’s backyard sitting on the edge of the bird bath trying to get the birds that came near her.  My little hunter!

WP_20160826_005 WP_20160826_017

  • We went out to eat on Friday for Papa’s 60th birthday.  The kids did great for it being a nicer restaurant and not getting there food until well after 7pm.  P actually stayed in her seat until dinner was over and then we had to let the wild one down to run around the table and say hi to everyone.
  • P got a little jealous when I was holding my new niece.  I wanted to spend some time with my niece, but P did not want to share me with her.  At the same time she wanted to be my little helper and ran down to the other end of the table to get a binky for her, and a blanket in case she got cold.
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