Foto Friday


Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.

  • S attended his very first tea party.  He loves playing with F and the little neighbor girl at my mom’s came over to my mom’s and S was in love.  For him it was love at first sight, and he has not stopped asking about Talia.  S was even walking around with Talia holding her hand.  Her parents said she won’t even hold her little friends hands.  We saw her a few days later at my mom’s and again they were walking around holding hands.  Soooooo cute!
  • S loves playing in his pool.  He swam until the clouds came in and it started to rain.  The only reason he got out was because he could hear thunder coming our way.
  • S was swimming with Grandma (my mom), and crawled up on the raft with her and was lying next to her just gabbing away.  It was so funny to watch. (In the background my dad is adding on to the garage so my mom will have a new work area.)


  • S has been begging to go out on the boat, and finally B got it ready and we went out.  S loves, loves to go out on the boat.  The more waves we jumped in the boat the bigger the smile got.
  • Not the same day as the boat ride, but it looks like it could have been.  S was sitting with me in the recliner and I went downstairs to finish folding the laundry and when I came back up S was sleeping.  I love it, but it was 6 pm so it made for a long night when he didn’t want to go to sleep until well after 11 pm.
  • My boys went to Bass Pro yesterday and did the craft of the week.  Slap bracelets.  They each colored one and S had to put them on me and then asked if he could take a picture.  Sure, since you asked so nicely.  Can you tell who colored which one?


  • I had to show you all three of these shots.  It almost looks like he was a posing model in the pictures.  We were driving home from getting S his new big boy mattress and I just happen to see this box car and caboose out my window.  These two train cars were part of the historic museum in Maumee.  I have no idea why we never realized these train cars were so close to us, but I am guessing now that S knows they are so close to home, we will be visiting them often.


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