Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.  I was going to do this last night and was just plain exhausted so I went to bed.  I was going to do this all day today and it was one thing after another.

IMG_2942 WP_20160422_012

  • P definitely loves the cat more than the cat loves her.  In the past few days she has started carrying the cat all over the house.  I cannot believe the cat let’s her.  There is no cat crying or claws coming out.  The only thing we hear is laughing and then crying when the cat jumps down and runs away.
  • We went last Friday to visit my new niece and she had just gotten a bath and was having a bottle.  P crawled right up on me and over to my sister so she could feed the bottle to the baby. She loved it and could not stop smiling and laughing.  The baby could have cared less either way.

WP_20160423_003 WP_20160425_006

  • P was being hysterical trying to touch her tongue to her nose.  I don’t know what started it but she had me laughing.
  • When S got off the bus he took his sunglasses off and put them on the back of his head like this.  I have no idea what made him do that but I thought it was funny because so many guys will wear there glasses like that when they are actually not wearing them.

IMG_2946 IMG_2949

  • It was warm enough on Monday that P could wear a dress and play in her water table.  She loves to play with water and is going to love the pool this summer.
  • B was working in the garden so P got her boots on so she could go in the garden and hang out with B.  Again with the tongue.


  • We were waiting for the bus and P was jumping on the trampoline.  She decided to get down while I was getting a toy out for S.  I had to stop and get a picture of her hanging from the trampoline before I saved her.  No worries she didn’t fall.
  • We went skating Wednesday night.  P loved every minute of it and could not stop smiling.  S was the first to tucker out.  In all fairness he did fall a bunch when he was skating.

IMG_2951 IMG_2954

  • S’s front teeth have been loose.  His left front tooth has been so loose he can spin it around.  He was jumping on the trampoline and said he hit his face on the trampoline itself.  Later that night he was brushing his teeth and his right front tooth fell out.  There was a lot of blood but no tears.
  • He was showing me how his really loose tooth could spin around.

IMG_2956 WP_20160426_007

  • His left tooth was so loose that I asked him to let B pull it out.  I was concerned that he would lose this tooth when he was sleeping.  He could spin it all the way around and it wouldn’t fall out.  B pulled it out and S didn’t even know it.  I think it was finally an adrenaline let down and the tears just flowed.
  • Look how pretty this kitty was sitting in the chair.  She hangs out with me at night after everyone else has gone to bed.
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