Foto Friday


Foto (Photo) Friday is my show and tell of pictures from the last week.  This past week has been go, go, go.  We also discovered a fun new way to eat dinner.


  • S decided that he wanted to try out our new patio furniture for dinner.  He wanted to sit and watch to see if the squirrels would come and eat the peanuts we left out for them.  He did not see any squirrels, but loved eating dinner out on the deck.  This has continued many times again this past week for dinner.
  • As we are transforming S’s bedroom into a big boy room I am starting to take out more of my piggy banks for S.  When he saw this green piggy bank he loved it and carried it around all day.  After dinner he climbed on the couch to watch a show, covered up, and grabbed the green pig to cuddle with.  He even covered the pig’s toes so he wouldn’t get cold feet!
  • Saturday we went to the Cherry Fest. Parade.  S refused to put sunblock on so as an alternative I told him he did not have to put sunblock on as long as he sat in the shade and that meant he would not be able to get candy.  He said okay and sat in the shade without a complaint.  Man that little boy can be stubborn.


  • S took a great nap Saturday after the parade, so as a reward we took him to get frozen yogurt which he was very excited about and loved eating.  I think it is funny when given the option to get whatever he wants, he only get a little bit of yogurt, a few marshmallows, and one cherry.  He could get anything but opts for very little.  Such a healthy little eater.
  • S was so happy to give B all of his Father’s Day presents.  A framed picture of the two of them to go in the garage, a magnet of the two of them, and a frame S made from the Father’s Day Carefree Crafts.  He only picked out the foam stickers that were about B.  So there were cars, tools, and prizes (#1 award ribbons).  All of the sports stickers were not dada so he did not use any of them to describe him.  It is remarkable how much he knows his dad.
  • B didn’t think the no texting thumbs were funny, but S loved them and has been wearing them sporadically throughout the week.


  • I decided to try something different with S and told him he could have a train dinner.  He was confused and curious all at the same time.  I would load the cart up with his plate, then silverware.  I told him I would send food over to him and he needed to put the food on his plate himself, so he would get strawberries, blueberries, sippy cup, cheese quesadilla, croutons (those are a big thing lately), and cheese.  S has done great at eating dinners provided by the train and wants to continue them.  This has worked out as a great reward for him behaving and listening all day.  If he is good he can have the train dinner, if not it can be something to work toward for the next day.  Since Sunday he has gotten a train dinner 3 out of the last 5 days.  The only reason he did not get them the other2o days is because he ate dinner on the deck with B.
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