Foto Friday

Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.

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  • P’s hair has all of a sudden seemed to have gotten longer.  She now has enough hair to make little piggies.  I love them in her hair and she is so cute with them.  She didn’t mind them which I love.

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  • S lost another tooth this week.  He actually lost it at school and it came home in this tiny little treasure chest.  I love that they sent it home that way.  S put the tooth in the special tooth fairy bag I made.  He got a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin and a gold Presidential dollar coin.


  • We have been playing soccer in the garage while we wait for the bus to come everyday.  S loves kicking it in the goal.  P has to copy what S is doing.  She now kicks the ball into the goals and is so happy.  She will then come running to me with her hand in the air for a high five.

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  • We were at our neighbors hanging out and Baby L got a new seat to sit in.  P had to try it out no matter how many times we kept telling her she was too big.  Well she finally got in and was stuck.  I liked it because I didn’t have to worry about what she was doing.  It only lasted for like a minute and she was screaming to get out.
  • S is obsessed with his tablet and always showing me what is going on in his games.  I tell him I don’t want to hear about Minecraft.  If you let him talk a little about Minecraft it opens Pandora box and he will talk all day about it.  I have learned to keep that box closed.

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  • I love your garage floor!!! Mine is boring concrete and we’ve been out there a lot lately too playing since they want to play ball or run cars or whatever and it is too cold outside.

  • Stephanie says:

    The floor was like that when we bought the house 10 years ago. It is the only thing in the house that was done right. Although it looks nice it is just as slippery as regular concrete.

    You seem to have crazy weather lately, warm-cold-warm-cold.

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