Foto Friday

Foto (Photo) Friday is a show and tell of pics from the past week.

 IMG_9717 IMG_9720

  • I turned the camera around and she smiled for it no problem.  It’s hard for me to get good shots of the two of us.
  • We got out S’s old trampoline and P loves it!  She is a jumping fool.  You’re supposed to be three but I guess it works for a one year old too.  We got out another trampoline for S so they both have their own and he already got his taken away until after Christmas!  Boys will be boys!

IMG_9724 IMG_9726

  • P is doing so good eating with silverware.  She now has to have all of her food on plates or in bowls for her to eat.  Miss Prim & Proper.
  • While P was eating, I couldn’t figure out what S was doing.  I found him on the stairs.  Doesn’t that look like a guilty face to you?  He was zooming cars down the stairs and got caught.


  • I told S that P was going to get big enough and not like him picking on her.  I just didn’t think it was going to be so soon.  She is all about throwing things at people.  Trust me S and I have gotten the brunt of it.  We have had remotes, kid hammers, wooden utensils, sippy cups, cars, balls, shoes, and more thrown at us.


WP_20151112_003 (1)

  • My neighbor brought her beautiful baby girl, Lucy, home.  She was such a peanut to hold.  I can’t believe P was ever that size.  Check out the cute hat she got from the hospital.  It has the built-in bow on it.  P never got that and we went to the same hospital.
  • P was so jealous.  I wasn’t holding the baby for more than a few minutes before she brought my shoes over to me and threw them at me.  She was ready for me to put the baby down and go home.  I gave the baby back to her daddy.  I was sitting on the floor and he put the baby in her swing that just happen to be next to me.  Before I knew it I had P sitting on my lap refusing to move.  She was marking her territory!
  • Yes I made the banner for Lucy.  I wanted to hang it up outside but we had 40 mph winds!
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