Elf Antics 2015-Day 2

  • By Stephanie
  • December 3, 2015
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Day 2

I guess Chippy does hear everything.  S found Chippy lounging in a mini chair on top of the front door looking down into the playroom so he could watch S racing his cars.  S was very excited to find Chippy.


When he went to open door #2 of his advent truck, he found this:


There were no Squinkies and only this letter.  No goodies for bad behavior.  It definitely put S in check and his behavior was much better.  We told him Santa gives you three tries and then it is no Santa gifts.

S better watch out, because I will totally hold him to that.  Although if he does donate all the gifts from his birthday I will have Chippy send a letter erasing all his infractions.

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