Colgate Total Mouthwash VoxBox Review

  • By Stephanie
  • July 12, 2013
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After signing up on, I was confused on how to earn badges and points.  In order to be considered for reviewing products you have to reach certain levels of badges.  Somehow I got an email saying I was being considered for the Colgate Mouthwash VoxBox.  I took the survey and what do you know I got the box in the mail before I received the email saying I was selected.


When collecting my boxes from the mail lady I saw this box and new exactly what it was.  No surprise what was in this box.


This was a good size bottle of mouthwash and I was excited to try it.  I used it at night after brushing my teeth before I headed for bed.  It was not overly strong and did not burn.  I really liked the minty flavor and was surprised when I woke up how fresh my breath still was.


I have been using this twice a day now for about a week.  I do not notice any significant changes or differences.  I have just added it to my daily routine when brushing my teeth.  I will see if I notice any long term changes by the end of the bottle.

Disclosure: I received this box complimentary from, no compensation was received. In exchange I was requested to give my opinions on the products in the box.

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