Cisno Cat/Dog Heating Pad Review

Disclaimer:  I received this product for free or highly discounted in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine.

So Dinky never got as big as we thought she would.  We were hoping for 10-15 lbs when we got her and she has pretty much maxed out at 7 lbs.  When we realized she was never going to have any meat or fat on her it was time to figure out ways to keep her warm.  Little jackets and coats work when she goes outside but what about when she is in her kennel at night?  We turn the house temperature down and she doesn’t have an undercoat to keep her warm.  I looked into using a hot water bottle but didn’t want to worry about things getting wet and having to refill it every night.  A heating pad looked like the way to go, but a normal one would get to hot and could potentially burn her.

I found a pet heating pad that is waterproof and has two removable covers that can be washed.  The Cisno Cat/Dog Heating Pad has a metal cord to help protect from Dinky chewing on it.  I like that I can set different temperature levels depending on how cold it is in the room or outside.

The Cisno Cat/Dog Heating Pad is $24.99 on  Click here to order the Cisno Cat/Dog Heating Pad.

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