Carefree Crafts September Review

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  • September 7, 2013
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Carefree Crafts is a monthly kid’s craft subscription club aimed at kids 3-10. Each month you’ll get a curated package of fun crafts that you and your kids can assemble. Each month is centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and once completed; the crafts become toys or decorations for your kids.  The monthly subscription is $14.95/month.  You can also get crafts a la carte so if you only want a few, or want certain crafts you did not receive you can buy them.

Carefree Craft September

Happy Fall & Back to School!

Carefree Crafts came in a padded envelope via USPS. I got the package in the mail and then checked my email and saw I got a confirmation email that morning that it was shipped.  It was addressed to S, so it made his day to get a package in the mail and not just an envelope.


Outer Package

When S and I opened the package he was so excited to see what crafts were included.  Here are the crafts included for this month. There were 6 Fall/Back to School related crafts enclosed in the Happy Fall & Back to School kit.  It also gave a brief description of each craft and some fun fall & back to school facts.


Information Sheet


First Look

Owl Nature Bag-S has been begging to make this since we opened the package.  He is so excited to make this.  I think we may try to tackle this craft tomorrow.

Owl Nature Bag

Owl Nature Bag


Update: S really liked making this owl.  In the directions it says to fill the bag first with finds from outside.  We did not do that but I did make sure to make it so that we can open the bag and fill it with fall finds if S wants too.  It is really cute and took very little help from me other than to stick the glue dots on the leaves.

Smile Face Leaves Wreath-I loved this when I saw it and wanted to make it right away.  How cute is this with all the little faces on the leaves.  S was not overly excited about making this right away; I am going to keep working on him.

Smile Face Leaves Wreath

Smile Face Leaves Wreath


Update-We made this and it was not the easiest to make.  It involved a lot of glue and we had to do it in steps.  We glued the eyes on the leaves and the acorns together and then let them dry.  We came back a few hours later and glued the leaves on the ring provided.  The leaves did not want to stick so once everything was glued together; I put a huge stack of papers on top of the wreath to hold the leaves and acorns onto the paper.  (Does that make sense?)  It is super cute and I cannot wait to hang it up.

Happy Fall! Apple Frame-The bag this kit came in had S’s name on the outside and I was confused.  They had never done that before and I thought man that is weird but what do I know.  I finally figured out that the reason his name was on the bag was because they included letters to make S’s name.  Now that is taking it to another level of customer service.

Happy Fall! Apple Frame

Happy Fall! Apple Frame


Update:  S loved that this looked like a caramel apple.  (He has never even had a caramel apple.)  S was able to do all of this by himself and only needed help to make sure the letters of his name went in the correct order.  It was very easy and fast to make.

Design Your Own Pencil Case-I thought this was cute and S would love to make this.  He is so excited about everyone going back to school making him curious.  He has been watching Bubble Guppies and they have a little video called “Pencil Case” which uses Lady Gaga’s Poker Face song.  When I told him he could make a pencil case like the Bubble Guppies and put his name on it he was so excited.  Again this bag had S’s name on the outside and inside they had included the letters for S’s name.

Design Your Own Pencil Case!

Design Your Own Pencil Case!

Back to School Shrink Art-Color these back-to-school shapes and watch them shrink before your eyes! Artwork by Los Monitos.  I have never done “shrinky dinks” before so I did not know what to expect.  I love that they included everything the colored pencils (Crayola), the art and even the parchment paper to cook the artwork on.

Back to School Shrink Art

Back to School Shrink Art

Update-We started to color some of the artwork but S got bored coloring with colored pencils so we will have to finish this another day.

Lacing Bookmark- I love the idea that this is really the basics of learning to sew.  S has done something like this at storytime so he knows how to feed the string through the holes.  For some reason we had a whole set of alphabet letters included in the package so I decided that we would use the letters for the bookmark.

Lacing Bookmark

Lacing Bookmark



Update-We made the bookmark and the strings were so long that we were able to weave both strings through every hole and create a different pattern.  S did most of the sewing but got bored towards the end and I had to finish it.  When it came to putting the letters and stickers on the bookmark I let S do all of it.  I am not sure why he put the same sticker right next to each other.  Maybe he wanted sets of twins?

All of the crafts look like S will be able to make them with some help from me.  I think S is going to need help with all of the gluing.  He is not a fan of getting glue on his fingers and wipes it on whatever he can to get it off.  Of course S will need help with cooking the shrink art.  I really liked all of the crafts this month and cannot wait to do all of them.  They are super cute!  I will post pictures of the crafts when they are completed, along with how S liked them so check back to this posting to see the final products.

What do you think about Carefree Crafts? If you are interested in signing they are offering the first month for only $7.95 using FALLDEAL coupon code! If you want to sign up or learn more click here.

Disclosure: This package was received for review purposes only, no compensation was received.  All thoughts and opinions are entirely mine and a few from S!

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