Best Haircut Yet!

Haircut 3-24-1Haircut 3-24-3Haircut 3-24-4

I cut S’s hair last night and this may be my best yet.  It actually looks pretty good.  He was really good and when I was cutting his bangs and around his ears he kept telling me “Be Careful!”  I couldn’t help but laugh at him everytime he said it and he would get mad telling me “It’s not funny!”  S also had his first Cake Pop (he said it was a sucker and cupcake).  He loved it, and made sure to tell me to be careful not to get hair on it.  He is catching on to moving his suckers out of the way to prevent hair getting on them and then in his mouth. Let me know what your think of the haircut or if you have any ideas to preoccupy him when I cut his hair.

Post Haircut 3-24-2Post Haircut 3-25-1


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